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Traditional Pastry from Algarve

Frutos de AmÍndoa


Produced by: Azul e Rosa Doces Regionais Lda


Characteristics -  the company is specialised in the making of the following products:

Almond sweetmeats

Dom Rodrigos


The almond sweetmeats are very typical of the Algarve region. They are basically made of 100% almond, sugar and eggs. They are presented under different shapes and names, the best known being the "Frutos de AmÍndoa" and the "Queijinhos".

The "Frutos de AmÍndoa" are a wonderful representation of the confectioners' skills. These sweetmeats are shaped to resemble fruits (watermelons, oranges, etc) and also vegetables like carrots.


Frutos de AmÍndoa



The "Dom Rodrigos" basic ingredients are eggs, almonds chopped into little pieces and cinnamon.

The "Queijinhos" resemble miniature cheeses.

Production and Preservation: among the diversity of producers of typical Portuguese pastry, this supplier of confectionery from Algarve is one of the few companies which possesses a quality certificate. Furthermore, the most modern equipment is used in the production and preservation of the product.


For further information on packages and prices contact   Olivoeiras Produtos Alimentares Lda.



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