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"Crismona" is the producer's label. Spanish Company Crismona S.A. began its activity in 1904 under the auspices of its founder Pedro Moreno Moreno in what was already a family tradition: Olive Oil.


Today, the third and fourth generations continue to increase the business activity, always in search of improving the performance and quality of the olive oil.


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"Quinta do Marquês" is Olivoeiras' label. The name comes from the village where our home office is located, the village of Oeiras.

"Quinta do Marquês" logo

In the 18th century most of it was part of an estate which belonged to Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, Prime Minister of King Joseph I and better known as Marquis de Pombal. He is one of the strongest characters in the History of Portugal. He is remembered as the saviour of Lisbon, having been responsible for its reconstruction after the big earthquake of 1755. In addition to being Marquis of Pombal he also beard the title of Count of Oeiras.


picture used in "Quinta do Marquês" labels



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